IMG_4439Friendship is about meeting halfway, compromising, doing things you do not want to do, but doing them anyways for friendship. Friendship has lost its meaning to me. What is a friend? How can you classify one as a friend and one as not? What drives this distinction? Merriam Webster defines a friend as “A favored companion”. A favored companion is meaningless as it can only be used comparatively. The lesser evil will be chosen, but the problem arises here. Why should someone be considered a friend, only because they are favored over someone who is worse? I should not consider someone my friend because they are “more favorable” than the person next to them. I should not have to not call someone my friend, even if they embody amazing qualities, because the next person has more favorable traits. I can call everyone my friend, or no one my friend. Friends should be people who are healthy for you and lead you in the right direction. Friends will go out of their way, hurting themselves in the process, because they know their actions will aid you. Friends reach out to you when you are not okay. Friends embody the qualities you love about yourself most. Friends are not “favored” or “ranked”; Friends are loved.


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