Happiness. I finally felt. Pure, bliss happiness. Taking MDMA was the best decision of my life.

I felt as if I were walking on clouds and each time my foot touched the ground, the happiness from the ground traveled up through my body and radiated off of me. I felt rays of happiness coming off of me in all directions.

The music. I felt like I was one with the music. Each beat, was another burst of happiness. Each song, was a lifetime of happiness. The music was me. The music was happiness.

The lights. The lights were illuminated beyond belief. I grabbed for them and felt that I was connected, that I was supplying the music with energy to go on, and the music gave me more happiness and energy in return.

The textures. Every surface I touched I was amazed by. I appreciated every small and intricate detail.

There was nothing that could go wrong in the world. I was reliving the most perfect moment of the most perfect day on repeat. I never wanted the feeling to end. I was perfect, everyone around me was perfect, the world was perfect. I had no insecurities and lived in the pure moment.

I loved it, and I loved myself.

Going on, I aspire to reach that level of pure happiness in my every day life. The care-free, loving, and happy girl that I was for those few hours. It reminded me that life is worth living. That life can be GREAT. That happiness is NOT impossible.

This experience was so eye-opening and has changed me for the better. I can finally feel my life taking a right turn after so many wrongs.

I no longer need to cover it with a smile. 🙂

Because the smile is me.


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